Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Continuity editing is all about making your film work in a logical fashion so the audience can follow it easily and enjoy the story you have created, without being confused. There are a key set or rules or 'princpiles' that directors routinely follow in order to enable the audience to 'suspend' their disbelief and concetrate on the story. For your Foundation Unit learning, you will need to know these principles, be able to identify them in films and actually use them yourself in your film making. Your preliminary video task will enable you to practice these techniques before you make your actual film for the assessment. This week's homework will get you started.

1. Read the relevant background material on the principles of continuity editing in the folder and the booklet you have been given

a) Pages B25 - 28
b) Booklet - 'Making Your Film Make Sense' - all 5 pages (keep this in your plastic wallet in the back of your folder

2. Summarise the key points you have learnt from the reading and the accidents task, and explain how you think they will be useful for your own film making experiences in the future

Post all of the above to your blog.

Deadline: next Tuesday 5th October

Extension: Next week you will be asked to choose a film clip that illustrates the principles of continuity editing. Start watching some films/ clips in order to spot the techniques; this will also give you some time to think about the clip you might want to use for next week's homework.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 4 homework

This homework relates to STORYBOARDING; both theory and practice.

1. Read through Pages B15 - 22 in your folder
2. Make your own list of the reasons why a storyboard is an essential part of the film making process
3. Answer the questions at the top of page 18 on the storyboard for the extract from the film 'P is for Psycho'
4. Post your responses to 2 + 3 to your blog - label these posts BLK homework
Extension: Do a web search for useful storyboarding websites or videos that offer good tips and examples, and post them to your blog with a comment on why you picked them (label this post: independent research)

Hwk deadline:
12C next Tues (28th Sept)
12E next Weds (29th Sept)

Friday, September 17, 2010

'About Me'

Hi all, please bear in mind that if you fill in the 'about me' bit on your blog it will appear on all the latymer media blogs on the dashboard as we are all on the same account

thanks. .

the best way to put something more personal in is to create a text box and add a nice piccie of yourself at the top on the right (as a gadget)

Blogging advice: warning!

Please bear in mind: if you want to add a background do it BEFORE adding your gadgets otherwise you will have to do them again

for blogger backgrounds click here

Week 3 BLK homework

1. Customise your blog by adding the following:

  • your chosen background, text style, colours etc
  • a labels list - an essential gadget
  • a description of you with a photo (add at the top of your gadgets etc not as an 'about me' description)
  • a weblinks list of any film related websites that interest you
  • an essential links list with a link to the BLK and DYM foundation blogs as a minimum
2. Post your chosen genre still and your written responses to the evaluation questions

3. Have a look at some of last year's individual blogs to give you an idea of what we are working towards

Deadline: to be ready for next Tuesday's lesson